Found significantly lower performance on measures of memory, executive function, and general intelligence in 5-y-old children with symptoms of sdb than in asymptomatic children [23]. O'brien et al. Demonstrated decreased general intelligence, language, and visual–spatial skills in 87 habitually snoring children [24]. movie on viagra O'brien's group demonstrated even more significant neuropsychological deficits in children with more severe apnea [25]. The mechanisms causing these neuropsychological deficits have not been fully delineated. buy generic viagra While sleepiness and sleep fragmentation might be readily reversible with treatment, neuronal injury resulting from long-term oxygen saturation abnormalities might represent a more pervasive health risk. viagra everyday cost There is evidence of altered brain function associated with blood gas abnormalities. generic viagra canada Patients with sleep apnea have reduced cerebral blood flow and altered cerebrovascular responses to hypercapnia [26,27]. generic viagra without prescription Hypoxia causes neuronal injury in vulnerable parts of the brain, especially the cerebellum and hippocampus, where the formation of lactate and free radicals is thought to lead to cellular injury [28,29]. cheap viagra The hippocampus is critically involved in learning and memory. Sleep deprivation in rats alters the synaptic plasticity of the hippocampus [30], and impairs hippocampus-mediated contextual learning [31] and spatial learning [32]. movie on viagra Intermittent hypoxia also causes spatial learning deficits and increased motor activity in juvenile rats [33]. viagra pills canada cheap The mechanism proposed for the spatial learning deficits observed in rats involved apoptosis of subpopulations of hippocampal neurons [34]. cheap viagra sales uk The authors suggested that the behaviors demonstrated by rats exposed to intermittent hypoxia were similar to those demonstrated by children with sleep apnea. movie on viagra Imaging studies of adults with sleep apnea have identified abnormal morphology of the frontal cortex, cerebellum, and hippocampus [35,36]. Functioning in a complex integrated network, these brain areas are important for executive function, motor regulation of breathing [35,37], and memory function, respective. cheap viagra online